Options Credits

Options Credits is a Option Trading Game. The first cryptocurrency to be Traded is BITCOIN.

How to get started?

Step 1: Join Options Credits Game

To try your luck on this page, you need to deposit a minimum of 10 GUM. When you deposit 10 GUM, you will get 1 ticket per day. If deposit 20 GUM, you will get 2 tickets.

Step 2: Predict price

This ticket is used to predict the price direction of Bitcoin each day. If your prediction is correct then you will receive at least 10 GUM bonus.

Step 3: Prize accrued

If no prediction is correct for a day, the bonus 10 GUM will be accrued over the next day, the DAI prize will increase.

Step 4: Prediction commission

The prediction of all users will be ranked. If you want to get in the top positions, take it serious because if other users would like to see your predictions, you will receive a commission from that person.

Noticed: If you get bored with this game, please withdraw the deposited GUM. GUM you deposited can be withdrawn at any time! And the connection between us will end. Good luck!

Behind the app: Options Credit is actually our Options Trading Game, using AMM and oracle solutions to automated include the price feeds from other sources.

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