Gourmet Galaxy
GUM Holder Offerings (GHO)
GUM Holder Offerings was originally inspired by DAO Maker SHO but with a little touch of Gourmet.
Projects participating in GHO must go through 3 rounds:

Round 1: Strategic Round

The Strategic Round is open to angel investors who commit to bringing priceless value to the project.
This is the area for those who will definitely get a chance to buy IDO on the GUM.
Of the 50 people who hold GUM, we are divided into 3 classes:
Top 1 - 15: X
Top 16 - 30: Y
Top 31 - 50: Z
Each project will have different allocation. But we are sure that one thing that will never change is X> Y> Z
  • The top 50 holders of GUM will make sure to buy IDO.
  • Each user's GUM balance will be recorded random time in a snapshot at 0:00 AM (UTC) each day during the 5-day period.
  • Those in Round 1 should note that if within 24 hours before Round 2 and Round 3, you need to deposit money into the project's wallet address. Round 1 will close 3 hours in advance so that the project team has time to prepare for Round 2 and Round 3.
  • In case that those in Round 1 do not participate in IDO, the IDO purchases will be transferred to Round 2.
  • In case of missing round 1, the Top 50 holders still have the chance to join pool 2 completely.

Round 2: Gum Holders Offerings

This is the area for those who are make sure to be in the whitelist.
  • The minimum amount of GUM needed to participate in Gum Holders Offering is 2,000.
  • If your total Liquidity Provider is more than $2000.
Note: Gas war is required if IDO is on Ethereum.

Round 3: Public Round

This round will open for anyone who wishes to participate in the IDO. The rule for this round will depend on different projects.
  • Lottery required
  • Whitelist required
Note: Gas war is required if IDO is on Ethereum.