Gourmet Galaxy
GUM Holder Offerings (GHO)
GUM Holder Offerings was originally inspired by DAO Maker SHO but with a little touch of Gourmet.
Projects participating in GHO must go through 3 rounds:

Round 1: Strategic Round

The Strategic Round is open to angel investors who commit to bringing priceless value to the project.
This is the area for those who will definitely get a chance to buy IDO on the GUM.
Of the 50 people who hold GUM, we are divided into 3 classes:
Top 1 - 15: X
Top 16 - 30: Y
Top 31 - 50: Z
Each project will have different allocation. But we are sure that one thing that will never change is X> Y> Z
    The top 50 holders of GUM will make sure to buy IDO.
    Each user's GUM balance will be recorded random time in a snapshot at 0:00 AM (UTC) each day during the 5-day period.
    Those in Round 1 should note that if within 24 hours before Round 2 and Round 3, you need to deposit money into the project's wallet address. Round 1 will close 3 hours in advance so that the project team has time to prepare for Round 2 and Round 3.
    In case that those in Round 1 do not participate in IDO, the IDO purchases will be transferred to Round 2.
    In case of missing round 1, the Top 50 holders still have the chance to join pool 2 completely.

Round 2: Gum Holders Offerings

This is the area for those who are make sure to be in the whitelist.
    The minimum amount of GUM needed to participate in Gum Holders Offering is 2,000.
    If your total Liquidity Provider is more than $2000.
Note: Gas war is required if IDO is on Ethereum.

Round 3: Public Round

This round will open for anyone who wishes to participate in the IDO. The rule for this round will depend on different projects.
    Lottery required
    Whitelist required
Note: Gas war is required if IDO is on Ethereum.
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