GUM Swap

What is GUM Swap? GUM Swap is a decentralized exchange, running on Ethereum and soon to be powered by Polkadot. The aim of GUM Swap is to gamify and simplify the trading experience of DEX Traders.

Although using the same AMM technology as Uniswap, GUM Swap optimized the speed, gas fees and slippage of trading pairs, to give users the most simple and efficient trading experiences.

How about the fees of GUM Swap?

The fee of using GUM Swap is 0.3% per trade.

What coins/tokens are available on GUM Swap.

At the moment, there is GUM, ETH and USDT is available for trading on GUM Swap. More will be supported in the future.

Why use GUM Swap?

It's native, fast, low slippage and you can earn GUMs and other tokens with GUM Farm!

How to Swap?

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