Roadmap is for reference only. We can add new features or other games that we feel are suitable for the NFT Universe platform

Stage 1 2020

  1. Pre-production

  2. Concept creation and Concept Document, build Game Plan

  3. A Guide to Prototype Design

  4. Development stage - Build assets

Stage 2 2020

  1. Game Design - UX Design Process

  2. Programming game screens and programming planets

  3. Build a complete basic game

  4. Blockchain research and application of blockchain in games.

  5. Research market

Stage 3 2020

  1. Build FOODmarket Framework

  2. Build NFT Universe

  3. Build Automated Market Maker

  4. Alpha platform Launch for Playing games

  5. Start writing Whitepaper

  6. Improvements to gourmet website - UX overhaul, more charts, faster loading, filters, etc.

  7. Complete the whitepaper

Stage 4 2020

  1. Start developing blockchain and smart contracts - liquidity pool

  2. Initiation of technology development for optimal blockchain design and privacy technology development

  3. Private Sales completed

  4. NFT Universe upgraded

  5. Yield Farm code completed

  6. Swap code completed

Stage 1 2021

  1. MVP

  2. Milestone - GUM token created

  3. Integrate GUM tokens into the Gourmet Planet ecosystem and rebuild game logic

  4. Start the token swap

  5. Public Sales

  6. Audited by Certik

  7. Bounty programs to promote the platform

  8. Open yield farming

  9. Marketing campaigns targeting crypto and gaming platform

  10. Listing on exchange

  11. GUMPad Testnet

  12. Milestone: GUM Pad Mainnet

  13. A Galaxy on Multiple Chain

  14. Bridging to Binance Smart Chain

  15. Deploy GUM Pad onto Matic Network

  16. Bridging to Huobi ECO Chain

Stage 2 2021

  1. Establish business development department for GUM

  2. More liquidity!!!

  3. Build on the planets

  4. Deploy with a strategic partner

  5. Alpha Test Commander X and GUM Options

  6. Beta Test Commander X and GUM Options

  7. Officially launch Commander X and GUM Options

  8. Deploy NFT Universe and Galaxy Market onto Matic Network

  9. Milestone: Powered by Polkadot

  10. Focus on developing and improving user experience on Polkadot