NFT Universe

This is the Gourmet Universe. The final component is the game, where users play games, enjoy and share their gaming experiences. In the Game, Players can play to earn money by collecting resources, rewards, and tokens.

What is NFT Universe?

NFT Universe is essentially a DApp running on the Ethereum Blockchain, with the intention of merging into the Polkadot Ecosystem in the near future when NFTs will be supported on Polkadot. You may think it is just a game, but more than that, NFT Universe is a whole DeFi Ecosystem within a gamified UI.

NFT Universe will consist of many min-game, each is a separated DeFi application gamified. For example, some will be a trading game like Options, or Leverage. Some will simply make used of NFTs with simple game play. The core assets of the whole ecosystem will be PLANET.

PLANET is a ERC721 token as we mentioned above. NFT Universe consists of a limited number of PLANET, each has its own value.

How to acquire PLANET

To acquire a PLANET, you have 2 options:

  1. Buy: You either borrow a PLANET from the Vault, or an already built PLANET from other players on Galaxy Market. The currency used to buy PLANET is GUM. To purchase GUM, users simply go to GUMSwap to convert USDT/ETH/DOT into GUM.

  2. Forge: To forge your new and unique PLANET, you must use ingredients called FOOD (ERC-1155 tokens) and follow the Recipe that can be bought from Galaxy Market. Notice that all PLANET forged this way is unique since the formula to “Forge” is entirely taken care of by Gourmet Galaxy smart contract systems.

What can you do with PLANET?

There are several benefits to owning a PLANET, including:

  • Staking: Stake to get GUM and NFT FOOD.

  • Host Mode: When owning a PLANET, users can host games to invite other players to play with them. The host will get better benefits, including fees paid by other players who come and visit your PLANET. The list of games that you can play on your PLANET can be found right below.

  • Build: PLANET owners can constantly build and improve their precious planet, by putting BUILDING on top of them. BUILDING is an NFT ERC-988 type of token, that serves mainly in the form of decorations for your PLANET. Other than that, the more BUILDING you have, the more benefits your PLANET can get from Staking GUM and FOOD.

  • Put up banners for advertising.

PLANET Forging fees formula

In order to forge your own unique PLANET, aside from FOOD ingredients required, users also need GUM as ingredients for PLANET forging.

Notice that each PLANET will cost a different amount of GUM, and this amount will increase when new PLANET is born. Half of GUM used to forge PLANET this way will be burned. The other half will be put in the community Vault.

The formula for the number of GUM needed to forge a PLANET can be found below:

n = p*20

Where p = number of PLANET.

For example, to acquire PLANET number 100, you will need 100*20 = 2,000 GUM.

We also have another formula to calculate the total GUM that will be burned for a specific number of PLANET as seen below:

Total GUM burned at Planet no. p = [20 * p(p+1)]/4 Where p = number of PLANET.

For example, at the time PLANET number 100 has been forged, a total of

[20*100(101)]/4 = 50,500 GUM

would be burned.

The total GUM burned up to planet number 1,000 is 5,005,000 GUM. This will be an important milestone.

Upcoming features for NFT Universe?

Users can find our roadmap above. However, in the near future, there are plans to:

✨ Release a new BUILDING token for NFT Universe.. BUILDING is an ERC-998 token that serves as cosmetics for PLANET. With BUILDING, your PLANET will look even more awesome and exotic in the future!!

🍄New Game Mode: New Game Mode is definitely coming. We aim to expand the gaming experience of NFT Universe as much as possible.

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