GUM Farm

What is GUM Farm?

GUM Farm is our Yield Farming/Liquidity Staking platform, where users can provide Liquidity in exchange for GUM.

Where I can farm?

GUM Farm:

What is the formula for GUM Farm?

The Liquidity Farming for GUM tokens will open in Q1 2021 until the Total Supply is fully unlocked. There is a total of 9,950,000 GUM (49.75% of Total Token Supply) available for Liquidity Farming, with the total daily blocks being 6.500 blocks per day. The reward for each block will be fixed at 1 GUM/block. There will be several pools available for Liquidity Farming, the farming formula for counting is:

APY = (B*p*365)/y

where B - average daily block.

p = GUM Price

y = Total Asset Value in pool

What is the Initial Liquidity Pools (LPs) for farming GUM tokens and more?

What are the advantages of GUM Farm compare to other Farming Platform? GUM Farm is the only platform that you can earn GUM, to participate in NFT Universe in the future. Besides of that, GUM Farm will include unique pools that help you earn GUM plus other tokens in the future!

How to farm?

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