CEO - Thomas Johnson

6 years of experience in game development and management. More than nine projects were released. Passionate about games and new technologies.

Professional background in Computer and Computer Engineering, Hands-on experience with many projects such as Bitrix24, Celsius, and Civil Digital media. Knowledge of how to use surveillance communication and software. Extensive knowledge of computer software and computer security systems


CTO - Kayra St Fort

Kayra working in a software company, he worked with many different groups of programmers around the world. In this world, Thomas and Kayra were fortunate enough to meet each other at a fairly famous AI project at the moment. Gourmet Galaxy is opportunity to demonstrate my technical expertise in the computer science industry. Allowing her to display my experience and problem solving skills within my working environment.

CTO of GUM has a lot of experience in how to run a Blockchain project and make it applicable in this complex financial world.


CMO - Kunchok Tsomo

Surely she will bring a lot of excitement to the communities. Before joining Gourmet, she is an active cryptocurrency investor and real estate entrepreneur, she was also a data analyst at Binance.


Blockchain Programmer - Blue OP

Blue OP - a programmer from Japan. A friend of Kayra. Blue OP has had a successful career as an early employee at numerous high-profile companies. Previously, he led engineering teams on planets such as Inktomi, Paypal, YouTube, Google, and Dropbox.

Senior Engineer - Pulkit Bhutani

Pulkit is an experienced hacking expert who has discovered a lot of bugs in application software and blockchain issues over the past 2 years.

Finance & Operations - Jonathan Hamilton

Jonathan is a Professional Accountant (CPA). He manages small planets to large planets in the Gourmet galaxy. Also, before joining the Gourmet Galaxy, she was the first to work with the first galaxies in the universe.

Head of Community - Simon Gel

Simon comes from the planet Saturn. Simon was the one who stood up against slavery on Saturn, he was the one who educated the community to realize that their labor was being exploited. He began to find and explore other planets. And he chose Gourmet.

R&D Engineer - Mario Totto

A rebel. He is a powerful man because he knows his place in the galaxy. Occasionally, he will predict the Sun will soon collide with the Mars planets or the minerals on Saturn will be exhausted, the people there will have no home, he even has the right to put predictions on the portal of the entire galaxy because he has many relationships with the powerful gods, moreover, he knows what the power of planets is.

Product Designer - Gimmon Asin

Gimmon is a product designer with 10+ years of experience. The guy is Thomas's friend. Both have helped many successful game projects for over 5 years working together. Before joining Gourmet, Gimmon worked at multiple startups and Fortune 500 companies. In a past life, he was also a software engineer.

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