Galaxy Market


Galaxy Market is an open marketplace, allowing users to freely trade platform tokens between one another. There are two types of sellers in the Galaxy Market: The Foundation and Users. The Foundation is in charge of providing basic PLANET, FOOD, and Recipe in exchange for GUM. The Foundation is run by smart contracts and will be responsible for the balance between Supply and Demand of in-game assets and tokens.

Users can also use the Galaxy Market to exchange in-game assets (FOOD, PLANET) into GUM and vice versa. The real benefits of this “marketplace” model are to:

  • Provide the supply and demand of the platform, so that NFTs in-game will always have intrinsic value tied to them.

  • Allow Users to exchange in-game NFTs tokens into real-world value, reaping the benefits while still having fun.

Galaxy Market is the place where users can exchange GUM for FOOD - This is the NFT of the game. Players can either exchange FOOD directly or buy food that has been pre-mined. If you do not want to buy FOOD, players can earn FOOD through in-game activities, like creating FOOD from your existing PLANET or playing games for FOOD rewards.

Galaxy Market is a marketplace, each exchange on Galaxy Market will lose 4% of the GUM fee for the Gourmet Galaxy.

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