How does it work?

GUMPad has two different types of users: Blockchain Startups and Investors. GUMPad enables Blockchain Startups to list their tokens at a fixed purchase rate and allows Investors to exchange their liquidity for tokens.

Suppose Bob is a Startup owner who wants to create liquidity and raise more funds prior to his DEX listing for his tokens. He can build multiple pools for multiple token standards to attract more potential investors.

In another example, we've got Sally - a potential investor looking for quality projects. Sally will take a look through GUMPad pools, and choose to invest in the pool that she likes most. This pool may be built on BSC, HECO, Ethereum, or Polkadot. After this, Sally simply swaps her liquidity (USDT, DAI, ETH, HT, BNB, DOT, etc…) in exchange for the project’s tokens.

Sally wouldn’t have to worry about the price rate, slippage, gas, cheaters, bots, or anything else due to GUMPad’s features.

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