Commander X

As a Commander, you can own a fleet of starships, but you can only command one at a time. Starships are specialized, and some are better suited to specific tasks than others. If combat is your focus, you can battle pirates and hostile drones in the Gourmet Universe.

Each starship in Gourmet can be endlessly customized with equipment modules, which add or upgrade weapons, shields, and nearly any ship stat. Experience PvP battles with other commanders, where skill is put to the test through the threat of real asset loss.


If you’ve already installed the MetaMask extension, all you need to do is choose a nickname and enter your email address. You’ll then see the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use (if you use MetaMask), which you need to read and sign by clicking the SIGN button.


Now it’s time to acquire your first planet – after all, that’s why you’re here! Open the FOODMarket window, click on the SALE tab, choose a planet you like, and click the BUY button. After you do this, the MetaMask window will open (or the window of the wallet you picked). Click SUBMIT to confirm that you’re spending ether on the purchase of a planet. That’s it. In a few minutes your request will be processed, and you will own the planet.


Once you’ve invented your first spaceship, you’ll start to accumulate the resources to build it. This works the same as it does for knowledge: the more planets you have, the more resources you’ll get.

When you’ve accumulated enough resources, you can build a spaceship. To do this, choose the type of spaceship and indicate which planet it will launch from. The spaceship will then be built and will set out to search for a new planet. If it finds one, you’ll own the new planet. If it doesn’t, you’ll lose the spaceship. The success of the expedition depends on the features of the spaceship (powerful engines expand the search area – and therefore the chances of finding a planet – and powerful radar increases the chances of finding a rarer planet) and the sector where the launch planet is located (the more planets in the sector that have already been found, the less likely it is that you’ll discover a new one).


You should buy a planet (better yet several). After that you’ll be able to build spaceships and discover new planets. Sell part of the planets you found and keep the rest to make them increase in value. You may be fortunate enough to discover one of the legendary planets, these are extremely expensive! Note that planets are normally in high demand as their number is limited and players always need different resources. Selling planets is just one of ways! Start playing and learn more different options to make profit.

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